PupsNyc started after years of volunteering, fostering, involvement and experience with pets in general. Our Founder, was raised on a pet friendly environment, sometimes having up to 7 dogs around the house; a family run dog shelter built from scratch; a full aquarium with rehabilitation tanks and every other reptile that made it inside his grandmother’s house and needed a home.

After many years of working for private clients on training, rehabilitating and creating structures for their furry friends, we have decided to bring it to the public, as we believe that there’s always a suitable structure that works for every breed and special need.

At an affordable price, during any season and 7 days a week, on any schedule, our goal is to create a bond Client + PupsNyc + Dog, and see more healthy happy furry friends around NYC.

Looking forward having your pups as part of the PupsNyc Family!

The PupsNyc Team